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To carry on business of mining, importers, exporters, processors, buyers, sellers, distributors, stockiest, agents and brokers and commission agents of mineral and ores, of coal, coke and their related by products, bauxite, iron ores, manganese ore, chrome ore and concentrates, limestone, granite, quartz, silica sand, dolomite, salt ferrous and non ferrous metals and their ores and concentrates, pellets, zinc, lead, copper, tin, brass, precious stone, manganese, silicon manganese, magnesium, and their related products of metals, utensils, and jewelry made wholly or partly from any one or more of the metals and materials mentioned herein, pig iron, sponge iron, alloys of steel, ferroalloys, ferrous and non ferrous scrap and to take lease , prospecting licenses or rights, working protected areas relating to all kinds and types of minerals, stone, and other precious and semi precious stones, ores and valuable substances from earth mineral or other lands.

To carry on the business of providing all types of consultancy services including in the field of technical education, technological implementation, and engineering and in the mining field such as technical, marketing, transportation, logistic, procurement, production, manufacturing, channelising, exports, conversion, value and addition.

To carry on the activity of basic and intensive hitech agriculture, horticulture, forestry, nursery, sion bank, sericulture, pisciculture, floriculture, live stock, breeding and rearing such as goatery, piggery, poultry, fishery, diary farming by acquiring land either on outright, lease, sublease, joint farming or co-farming basis or by any other means and to set up primary and secondary production facilities and industries for processing agro products.

To carry on the business in information technology related services and products by whatever name specifically in the field of development and trading of IT based solutions and software for all kinds of business management related to manufacturing and services sectors, manufacturing and trading of hardware and software, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software, outsourcing and lending of IT related consultancy, IT related training and placement on behalf of any national and international entities.

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